Praise for The Book of Samuel

“…Raschke is a fine writer. He works with a palette of decidedly heavy issues but applies them with such an unfailingly light hand that Samuel’s minor and major struggles ring true. An entertaining and thoughtful story that leaves Samuel dangling on the precipice of coming-of-age.
— Booklist

“Samuel will leave readers wanting to look at life with wider eyes and a more open heart.”
— School Library Journal

“The character’s voice is pure and incredible – an awesome book all around.”
—School Library Journal, Reviews by Young Adults

“Erik Raschke reminds us what it’s like to be a kid. Even though Samuel is facing some complex life issues, Raschke doesn’t leave out the joys of childhood.”

“Reading Samuel, you’re treated to a slow coming-of-age story that explores what happens when a young man or woman questions and ultimately walks into his or her faith. Raschke’s approach to whether you believe God exists is not didactic so much as it a testimony of his own belief. When confronted with either holding a grudge forever or forgiving the other person, Raschke reveals that personal sacrifice is necessary for a closer–and sometimes misunderstood–relationship with God. He makes a strong plea for forgiveness, or at least an openness to it, in order to release divine occurrences in your life.”
—Clutch Magazine

“The writing is excellent, the story sometimes painful, the philosophy complex. It's a book that will keep you thinking long after you’ve read it.”

“Erik Raschke keeps his story light throughout, while addressing very heavy topics – bullying, racism, and the escalation of violence – with a deft touch. …Don't miss The Book of Samuel, a highly recommended read.”

“…readers will find meaning and satisfaction as they get to understand (Samuel)…”

“I felt like I wanted to give Samuel a huge hug! Sometimes funny and heartbreaking and the end was a surprise. Definitely recommend it.”
—The Book Inn

“Erik Raschke uses real social issues like absentee fathers, immigration and aging parents to bring believability to the sudden need for a tweener to grow up rather quickly.”
—Harriet Klausner, Mainstream Fiction

“…readers will find meaning and satisfaction as they get to know and understand this determined young man.”
—Reading Junky's Reading Roost